IR35 – The Small Business Win.

IR35 worker

IR35 is coming 6th April 2021. But, here at AME, we believe it could be a valuable opportunity for Small Businesses out there.

The new tax year is looming, so check those tax codes!

check your tax code

With the new tax looming in 2 months time, you and your employer should expect to receive your updated tax code notice for the 2021/22 period. Most of us, will give it one look at it and proceed to quickly put it aside and give it not much thought.

Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday winner: AME.

We therefore took great joy in being named a winner of Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday (SBS) on 18th January. Mr Paphitis, from Dragons Den and current retail entrepreneur, of Rymans, Robert Dyas & Boux Avenue to name a few, named AME as a winner, giving us the boost, to allow us to help fellow Small Businesses further.

COVID-19 Companies House extension.

Don’t get caught out! With January being the mad rush for personal tax returns, it may be easy to overlook other deadlines. Usually, any Limited company accounts dated 30th April, would due to be filed by 31st January as well. This has now been extended to 30th April 2021. However, your corporation tax must still […]

The ExcludedUK – Help.

With recent announcements of workings from home, lockdown and grants many observers would be unaware of the forgotten.

Twas the night before Christmas..

christmas allowance

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Christmas parties were banned they say…but you still get the allowance, so don’t miss out on Christmas day… HMRC allows an annual £150 per person cost for an annual party, that is exempt from tax and national insurance, so why lose out?!