TIDE banking & AME Accounting and Co. are proud to announce an official partnership.

Having met many clients through the years, one of the main problems’ clients have come across, particularly in starting up a new business, is opening a new bank account. Problems from;

To long of a wait to meet someone?

Cannot get through to an actual human on the other side of the phone?

Poor credit?

To high of a cost to run one?

And more…?

So look no further. New and old clients of AME Accounting & Co. looking to open a new business bank account, using our unique referral code, you can now open a new TIDE business bank account in as little as 10 minutes. With no credit check required.

Other benefits being part of the AME Accounting & Co. family, in opening a new business bank account also include:

  • Free sign-up, with no annual or monthly fees. This saves clients’ money that can be invested into their business instead.
  • 1 year worth of free transfers
  • Free Mastercard usage (at home and overseas) and no bank transfer fees for one year.
  • Access to all Tide Platform product features to manage their business admin.
  • Use of our free company formation service.
  • And – An automatic £30 referral incentive, paid to you, when using our unique referral code.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you are just starting up, or require an additional bank account for savings, here at AME Accounting & Co. we aim to make your life easier in anyway we can. Whether it be a new bank account, saving taxes or cheaper insurance, we can help. Get in touch now for a free consultation.