The Great National Insurance & dividend tax hike. Time to act now!

National Insurance for NHS

Last week, the proposed National Insurance and dividend tax rises were successfully passed through the commons and will officially come into effect from April 2022. The revenue raised will go directly to support the NHS and any other equivalent bodies around the UK.   At a time with many still furloughed and many businesses still […]

AME Accounting & Co. joins reputable Handpicked Accountants directory.

Handpicked Accountant

As a small, online accountancy provider, we understand the importance of delivering a proactive service that generates cost savings for our customers. We have a global client base that is fast growing, comprising self-employed professionals, sole traders, and limited companies. Powered by cloud accounting software, we have a complex understanding of QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, FreshBooks […]

IR35 – The Small Business Win.

IR35 worker

IR35 is coming 6th April 2021. But, here at AME, we believe it could be a valuable opportunity for Small Businesses out there.

Low tax vehicles with a great 1% BIK.

low tax vehicles

Whilst electric cars still come with a heavy price tag, they represent great low tax vehicles. Compare the difference in Benefit in Kinds as it can cost you thousands.

The new tax year is looming, so check those tax codes!

check your tax code

With the new tax looming in 2 months time, you and your employer should expect to receive your updated tax code notice for the 2021/22 period. Most of us, will give it one look at it and proceed to quickly put it aside and give it not much thought.